Shelter Music Boston

The professional musicians of Shelter Music Boston perform classical chamber music concerts in 5 Boston homeless shelters every month. We bring the shelter guests passionate, creative programs of concert-hall quality music along with respectful, dignifying give-and-take conversations about the repertoire, composers, our instruments, and anything about music the shelter guests wish to discuss. A Shattuck Shelter guest wrote: "The music reminds me that I am still human, and renews my ambition to resolve my circumstances…the 'debris' of homelessness & past traumas are, for a moment, inconsequential & nonexistent." See and hear us in action: "Come inside the shelter with SMB"



Groundwork Somerville's Green Team

In Somerville, green open spaces are limited, meaningful youth jobs are at an all-time low, and low-income communities are in need of access to fresh produce. As a youth worker for Groundwork Somerville's Green Team, a youth job and leadership program, I teach underprivileged teenagers how to redesign empty lots to accommodate sustainable food production, plan garden plots, and sell what they grow at a low income farmer's market in Somerville. Show your support for youth jobs, reclaiming unused urban spaces, and building a healthy community by helping us raise funds to build 40 raised beds on a 12,000 sq. ft. lot so we can significantly increase the amount of food we grow, sell, and donate!

groundworks somerville


Common Wheels

We are going to brighten up biking by providing riders with BLINKY LIGHTS. Too many bikers don't realize that it's not only the law to have lights when riding at night, but lights make biking so much safer since riders will be more visible to drivers and pedestrians. So, a group of us at CommonWheels Bicycle Collective are going to hang out at biking hotspots around dusk and flag down cyclists who don't have lights, we'll ask if they know the rules and responsibilities about bike lights -- and then we'll give them a front and rear light to make them safer out on the streets!

Common Wheels