From the beginning, we always hoped our business could be something that made our communities a little better because we were there.

But, it wasn’t until our crazy family members started running the Marathon in giant burger suits that we realized we actually had the power to make a real impact. (Incredibly, over 82 running burgers have raised more than $146,000 for charities over the last 8 years.)

Inspired by what we’ve accomplished with those passionate customers, we decided to start a foundation based on the principles they personify. So, this is funded by the grass-roots and innovative efforts that we undertake together with our family of customers. And it’s designed so that the people who raise the money decide who gets the money.

We’re only in year #4. So, like everything else we’ve done, this will evolve and improve. But, the mission can’t and won’t change. We’re going to raise money together and give it to people in our community who will use it to do some good.