Our Mission: The mission of the b.good family foundation is to use micro-grants to help inspired individuals improve their communities.

Our vision: We envision a world where civic engagement is common and communities have the resources they need to address the issues they see as priorities.

What we believe: We believe in the power of a passionate individual with a burning desire to change things for the better, and we think that the most sustainable, impactful changes are the ones communities design for themselves.  By giving directly to individuals looking to improve their neighborhoods, we aim to spark positive change in our community

How it works: We donate the funds we raise directly back to the people in our community through a quarterly series of micro-grants. Applications are available on our website year round and are reviewed at least four times a year. Finalists are selected by our Board of Directors, but final funding decisions are based on a community vote by the b.good family and their network. You can support the work of our grantees by donating here. Long story short, we’re on a mission to help real people with great ideas do good.