Got a question about the foundation or our grant application process? Check out our frequently asked questions below!

1) Do you provide feedback on grant applications?

We cannot review applications before they are submitted, but for applicants who are interested, we endeavor to provide brief feedback on any application that is not selected to move to the finalist round. Before applying though, we highly suggest you keep in mind the broad application tips discussed in our “how-to” video on the application page.

2) Does the b.good Family Foundation have a specific focus area?

Nope! We’ve deliberately kept this open so we can be a resource for inspired individuals working on a broad array of causes.

3) Do you accept grant applications to fund overhead costs?

While we don’t have any hard restrictions on what types of requests we accept, we find that the most compelling applications focus on funding for specific programming or key infrastructure purchases. We encourage applicants to focus on those needs and avoid applying with pure overhead or salary requests.

4) Who is the b.good family?

The b.good family is the name for b.good’s customers. We turn to the family to help us raise the money we use to support local community improvement projects and to helps us pick our grant winners (see more in the next question). You can learn more about the family here.

5) How is a winner selected?

For our Boston-area grants, our Board reviews our applications and selects three finalists. When a grant is given outside of Boston, a special committee of b.good employees is created to select the three finalists. We then ask the b.good family and the networks of our finalists (you don’t have to be on b.good’s mailing list to vote!) to vote for a final winner. Because we raise money collaboratively with the b.good family, we think it’s important to collaborate with the family to give that money away.

6) Do you ever give out grants outside of the application process?

Yes, the board does occasionally make discretionary grants, for example if a tragedy occurs that we must respond to, as with the Boston Marathon bombing, or we become aware of an inspired individual in need of more minor or more immediate support than the grant process provides. When this happens, it’s always in line with our mission and we always post about it on our grants page so our supporters can know where our money is going.

7) Can I apply from outside of New England?

Right now, we are only accepting applications for projects focused on helping New Englanders. That application can be found here. As b.good expands, we aim to expand our reach as well!

8) Where do I go if I’m interested in requesting a food or gift card donation, or if I want to host a community fundraiser at a local b.good?

Those requests are handled through b.good directly! Please visit this webpage to submit the details of your request.