Babka Bust Your Butt Challenge



Let your kids test their strength, agility, and endurance in a obstacle course that will include tunnels, box jumps, burpies, tire rolls and many other fun activities. Full details will be shared ahead of the big day so they can properly train.

    Date: Saturday, April 8
    Time: 12:30pm – 3pm
    Location: Peter’s Park, 1277 Washington Street, Boston (South End)
    Food: Picnic lunch provided by b.good

REGISTER: To sign up your kid(s), make a donation. Then, in the comments section of donation tab, include participants’ names and ages. Scott will send your start time on April 7th.

Every penny raised goes directly to the b.good Family Foundation.

More Info:
Hi, I’m Scott Babka and I’m running my first Boston Marathon this year with the Burger Brigade to raise funds for the b.good Family Foundation, an outstanding organization that offers grants to people who have great ideas for improving their local communities. As a thanks for your generosity, and to raise more money for the foundation, I pledge to match any donation you make as part of your entry. So contribute big and make me pay!

Here’s the video I made to convince the b.good foundation that I should earn a Marathon bib and run with the Brigade.

Here’s the video of me in my Brigade burger suit.